The Red Road West

by Fable

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Sophomore album from Australian duo Fable, featuring 9 tracks from both Hjalmar and Vilhelm.


released March 2, 2017

Written and performed by Hjalmar and Vilhelm. Produced and mixed by Hjalmar.

Samples used courtesy of Mike Koenig and Mark DiAngelo.



all rights reserved


Fable VIC, Australia

FABLE are a two man project from Australia that combines elements of black metal, traditional melody, orchestral symphony, and original fantasy into a unique blend of styles. Themed on the high fantasy writings of lead vocalist and songwriter Hjalmar, Fable derives strong inspiration from bands such as Summoning, Falkenbach, and Forefather.

Fable are currently writing their third album Ironclad.
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Track Name: Onward
Track Name: Osterark
Where the foes come to wreak havoc,
on the throes of Aernish law
Here are the doors of the kingdom gates,
the Osterark!
Standing on the border of the old red west,
between two timeless kings
First upon the line of the Arn's defence,
to the last!

Praise to the brave souls of the Osterark,
We who know no fear!
Praise to the lost souls of the Osterark,
Never to flee in the face of the enemy!

When those curs come to burn and reap,
when they march in force
They'll have to meet our mighty keep,
at Osterark!
A stone wall retreat, ten men deep,
a dozen bastion halls
Flags of violet, gold and pleat,
the trumpet blasts!

We'll be holding firm when the darkness comes,
Never we'll flee the day
Lords of old will guard the name
of Osterark!
Blood has stained this land of ours,
it reeks of old betrayal
Still we cling to the hills and trees
the grass and sodden bark!
Track Name: Where the World Ends
Barren, afar they seize and drift,
timeless wastes where the sun rare lifts
Through the sand and bone, a gloom has grown,
and this world decays in sadness alone
Oh! The air is cold,
and the moon hangs so low
Drowning the earth in a pale white glow,
hanging as a silver globe, watching below...

Where the world ends!
There are oceans vast, haunted pasts,
dogged banks with bitter masks,
drifting forth, to the last
Bloody walls of olden halls,
blackened shores, open wars
Temples where nobody prays,
slow decay, far away...

-He who roams, he who knows
where the world ends
shimmer in an empty breeze
ever while wind blows
Come with me
see the withering trees
and the roar of the endless sea
stretch into infinity-

The lakes and reeds vanish gently,
withering and dying like an old crippled tree
Blood red, the sun sets,
under a gray dome of misted stars
Two ravens above, circling afar,
watching for the first sign of war
Under foot are the graves of those
who died searching what lay beyond this world...
Track Name: Briar's Bluff
The Birchthralls are cut in twain,
where the power of the Kaiser wanes
Further west, the lands of the Fae
lie in wait for the day we away!

To east lie our fearsome lords,
the Arns of the glorious Mark
They'll rest easy knowing we are here
'tween their kingdom lands and the ageless Sylvan fear!

A bulwark hold built in ages past,
to keep the foe at bay
They'll be roaring to the battlements,
even as the world begins to fade away!

Built by sweat and tears and blood,
with iron, stone and gold
Banners of the violet Traunus bear,
flow from our every mighty turret hold!

Ever the walls of Briar's Bluff will sway,
the wroth of an ancient foreign rage
Even as the winds of time come to blow us away...

Past the reach of Redstone Tower,
lies the key to Aernland's power
A stern line of shielded men,
steel of heart, spears firm, we fight again!

The legions of The Red Dawn stand in wait,
for blood and fire is the soldier's fate!
Track Name: Power
Power! From the blood,
leaking from an ancient time now gone
Flowing through the veins to the world beyond,
where the mage's reign holds long
Father to the kingdom's fate,
brother to the world's untold dismay
Hail to you, my king,
lord of the age and the timeless wastes,
of the forest and lakes!

Thar! Praise ye now, praise on high!
With the rightful claim of the blood's domain, we ride!

Power! From the land,
from the toils of common man
Building the base of a master race,
and the temple of true faith
Thar! Praise ye now, praise on high!
With the rightful claim of the blood's domain, we ride!
Track Name: Dreamscape
He who falls deep in sleep,
fleet and sweet,
'tween the fires he beat!
-Hey la la la ley!-

Lost in timeless release,
from the burdens he leashed,
rest now in peace!
-Hey la la la ley!-

Fate claims what was lost,
in times of old
The great storms approach,
towers of gold
Carried away,
on the rise...
Track Name: Wraithlands
Far past the peaks of the north
beyond the reach of the frozen Khallel
reigns a wasteland of ice
of boulders and spikes
and quartz spires piercing the sky
so high even eagles dart by
And the sky is choked with coal dust and lye
the wind whips filth in your eyes
where the sun will never rise
a land past it's prime
where banshees howl and cry
but the world passes them by...

Here are the wisps of the earth
a black desolate girth
with fissures so wide
belching ash in the sky
and the sun hides 'tween the clouds
a dark thunder shroud
fleeing those sounds
of the winter inbound...


-Suddenly we start to see,
the storms of false destiny,
crash like waves on the sea,
and reason doth flee-

Watch how the sun fades to blue
and the stars winking true
speak only riddles to you
In a land ever dark
the night lasts an age
spilling ink on the page
condemned to the fade...
Track Name: Summer Rains
A light enters my eyes,
as I see the white consume
all I ever knew
Fade into blue,
it can't be true,
all I ever knew

-Oh! How it fills my heart
with a golden delight,
and flames rise inside of me
An open field of fire and ice,
so pleasantly free,
it takes hold of thee...-

Hair, auburn plumes
Eyes, emerald jewels
How she calms my pains...
Soul, golden bright
Skin, ghostly white
All woes wash away,
in the sweet summer rains...

The dark lifts and withdraws,
weakened and flawed
All that's left is gold
A soul so old,
so far from cold,
All that's left is gold

Have you seen the fall of the sea?
Have you heard the crash of the trees?
Can you smell the breath of the breeze?
Can you touch the sky so empty?
Track Name: The Red Road West